Saturday, August 14, 2010

anugerah ramadhan

salam..x sangka famous juga family ana nieh....keluar muka depan malay mail pada satu ramadhan yang lepas..

Blessings of Ramadan
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* Ramadan sahur

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 12:34:00

Ramadan sahur

KEEPING TRADITION ALIVE: (From left) Fatimah, Noridah, Abdullah, their youngest son Muhd Imran, 6, and other family members saying prayers after completing their Sahur on the first day of Ramadan. It was Muhd Imran's first attempt at fasting. He lasted until 10am — Pic: ARIF KARTONO

KUALA LUMPUR: Keeping the family tradition alive, Muslims in Malaysia will enjoy Sahur with their families during the month of Ramadan.

As early as 4am, the women in the family would get up and prepare the meal and once everything is set up, one by one the rest of the family would wake up.

Stall owner Abdullah Muhammad, 58, and his wife Noridah Yassin, 50, from Medan Sri Keramat, Hulu Klang, celebrated the first day of Ramadan with their family.

Together with sister Fatimah Muhammad, they prepared two main dishes, one for the adults and a more appealing dish like fried rice for the children.

untuk paparan yang lebih lanjut layari akhbar malay mail :

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